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4 Ways to Protect Plants and Grass From Summer Heat

BOLD Marketing - Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Extreme heat, particularly over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, can leave a formerly lush landscape a dull brown. But you don’t have to stand back and let Midwest temperatures wreak havoc on your yard. Follow these tips to combat extreme heat:


1) Maintain optimum water levels

During drier months, it’s imperative to ensure plants and grass have plenty of water for photosynthesis, but overwatering can lead to root rot or fungal diseases. Ideal watering levels are as follows:

·      Lawns – one inch of water per week, including precipitation

·      Plants – water two or three times per week, preferably in the morning or evening


2) Follow the one-third rule when cutting grass

Removing plant tissue makes lawns more vulnerable to the summer heat. Adjust your mower’s blade to cut no more than one-third of the grass height, so your lawn stays cooler. During a period of drought, avoid mowing your yard as much as possible. How is that for getting out of chores?


3) Incorporate mulch into your landscape

Mulch protects plants’ roots from heat and helps keep soil moist. In extremely hot weather, spread about four to six inches of mulch around plants. Compare and contrast various types of mulch to determine what would be best for your landscape. For grass, consider using a mulching mower, so clippings can fertilize the lawn.


4) Shade plants in extreme cases

Plants can get sunburned, which causes them to stop flowering. This is especially true for plants in a vegetable garden. If extreme heat lasts for an extended period of time, it’s a good idea to provide shade for plants. For instance, you could position a patio umbrella or sheet over heat-sensitive plants to protect them from the sun and keep your landscape lush and colorful.


If you want to know more about how to care for plants during summer months or you’re curious about which plants best tolerate Midwest heat, ask the experts at Bloomfield Road Landscape. Visit our contact page to get started. 

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Outdoor Space

BOLD Marketing - Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mosquitoes can ruin any outdoor plan. But you can keep them from stopping by and spoiling the fun with a few simple tips.


Set out mosquito-repelling candles and lanterns

Although light normally attracts insects, mosquitoes hate candles with citronella or geraniol. Place these candles throughout your outdoor area at a distance recommended on the package. If candles do not appeal to you, consider investing in mosquito-repelling patio lanterns.


Include mosquito-repelling plants in your landscape

Several plant varieties keep mosquitoes away while adding a pop of color to a landscape. Choose a variety that complements your aesthetic, such as

-       Citronella

-       Lavender

-       Marigold

-       Basil

-       Peppermint

-       Rosemary

-       Geranium


Make sure there is no standing water in your outdoor area

Stagnant water in birdbaths, fountains and other water features creates favorite spots for mosquitoes to lay eggs. Keep mosquitoes from multiplying by maintaining fountains, as described in our post on how to clean your water feature.


Spray your yard the day before a gathering

If you are afraid uninvited mosquitoes will crash an event, consider spraying your outdoor space with mosquito repellant, such as Off! Backyard Pretreat. For best results, treat the yard 24 hours before an event starts.


Hang curtains in your outdoor space

Even if mosquitoes swarm the yard, you can create an intimate, bug-free atmosphere by hanging curtains around your pergola, patio or gazebo. If curtains are not your style, consider investing in a canopy tent to keep mosquitoes from swarming. Find other ways to make an outdoor space more livable.


Keeping your lawn free of mosquitoes doesn’t have to be a losing battle. To start planning an outdoor paradise where you can relax without being bugged, send us a message.

4 Tips for Choosing a Bird Feeder

BOLD Marketing - Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Imagine gazing out a window to watch Midwest birds of all colors and sizes – cardinals, robins, bluebirds and more – fluttering around your landscape. Installing bird feeders can invite feathered friends into a yard. However, with an endless list of choices, it can be hard to find the right bird feeder. Here are a few tips to narrow your search:


1)    Choose a feeder that keeps seeds dry


Birds prefer fresh food. Make sure the bird feeder in your outdoor living space includes drainage holes. Otherwise, wet seeds may sprout or develop bacteria. You may also want to consider adding a plastic dome to keep seeds dry. Other solutions include purchasing a small feeder or only filling the feeder halfway so seeds do not last long.


2)    Choose a feeder that is easy to clean


The most low-maintenance bird feeders are made of

-       plastic

-       steel

-       glass

To keep an outdoor area in tip-top shape, clean hanging feeders every two weeks by scrubbing them with a stiff brush and then rinsing them.  


3)    Choose a feeder that is safe for birds


Before purchasing a new bird feeder, inspect it closely for sharp edges or points that could harm birds. Ensure nothing in the feeder’s design could prove dangerous to the fowl you are hoping to attract.


4)    Choose more than one feeder


It is common for birds to crowd around a feeder and fight for seeds. Prevent crowding in an outdoor space by setting up more than one feeder and spacing them out to ensure birds have plenty of room to gather.


By following these tips, you can invite some of nature’s most colorful wildlife into your landscape. 

How to Clean Your Water Feature

BOLD Marketing - Thursday, July 06, 2017

A water feature, such as a fountain, provides the perfect focal point for many outdoor areas, but algae and dead leaves are less than attractive. If your water feature is looking a bit dingy, try these three tips to keep it sparkling clean.

1)    Remove debris every two days


Remove leaves, twigs and other debris at least every two days to keep water clean and clear. If you notice algae developing, follow these steps to get rid of it:

a.     Drain the water feature.

b.     Scrub with a soap pad, warm water and dish soap.

c.     Rinse and refill with fresh water.


2)    Use a cleaning product


Countless cleaning solutions are available to address your water feature’s specific needs, such as those designed for algae control, large fountains or birdbaths. We recommend opting for nontoxic cleaners to ensure you do not accidentally harm wildlife. If you want more of a DIY approach, consider trying a half cup of white vinegar mixed with a gallon of warm water or two tablespoons of bleach mixed with a gallon of water. Rinse your water feature after applying a solution so no animals ingest it.


3)    Drain and refill


How often to drain your water feature depends on a variety of factors: temperature, humidity, location and size. Higher temperatures increase evaporation and require frequent draining and refilling. Follow the recommendations and instructions specific to your water feature, and always drain fountains before winter to prevent problems caused by freezing temperatures.


A clean water feature makes an outdoor area look more inviting. Start planning your dream outdoor living space by scheduling a consultation with Bloomfield Road Landscape today.



Reasons to Add Outdoor Lighting to Your Landscape

BOLD Marketing - Friday, June 16, 2017

When it comes to landscaping, much of the focus is generally on plants, mulch and outdoor living areas. Lighting is often an afterthought and sometimes completely overlooked. However, outdoor lighting can be the perfect accent for your landscape:


Enjoy more time in your outdoor space.

Imagine having no limit on the amount of time spent basking in the warm weather. With adequate outdoor lighting, sunset is not a deadline. Keep enjoying time with guests – play games, talk or even read a book in your comfortable outdoor area.


Stay safe on sidewalks and stone pathways.

This may seem simple, but pathways lined by outdoor lighting help you see where you are going at night, reducing your risk of tripping or falling. In addition, outdoor lighting discourages thieves from entering your property.


Enhance your outdoor area’s décor.

Outdoor lighting can make a statement by complementing the look of your home. For instance, warm lighting on a natural stone patio can make a home seem intimate, while brighter white lighting makes it appear more open and welcoming.


Entertain guests with multicolored outdoor lighting.

Modern LED lights can change color and pulse to music, making your outdoor area festive and exciting for guests.


No matter your personal taste, outdoor lighting is an eye-catching addition to your landscaping. To see how your yard can benefit from lights, visit our landscape lighting page or contact us to discuss your options.   



How to Protect Outdoor Furniture from Sun Damage

BOLD Marketing - Tuesday, May 30, 2017


It’s the perfect time to crank up the grill, drag out the patio furniture and make use of your outdoor living space. However, warmer temperatures always bring the threat of rainy days, which can damage outdoor furniture unless it is protected. But even sunny days can wreak havoc on furniture, with UV rays fading fabric and wood over time. Here are some ways to keep sun damage to a minimum:



Putting patio furniture in an indoor storage area during cold weather decreases its exposure to sun. This slows the rate at which furniture fades and keeps it lasting longer. Just be sure to clean furniture before placing it in storage to get rid of insects and pollutants that may cause damage during winter.



A practical way to keep the sun from damaging outdoor furniture is by preventing rays from directly hitting furniture. One option is to use a patio umbrella, awning or patio cover to take the brunt of sun damage and protect your furniture. You should also position your furniture in shadier areas, where direct rays are kept to a minimum.



UV protection spray works much like sunscreen. It blocks rays from hitting furniture, which reduces fading. Be sure to use a spray formulated for your furniture’s material, whether wood, metal or fabric, and follow the manufacturer’s directions for how to apply it properly and how often to reapply. You could also consider buying outdoor furniture with fabric designed to resist UV rays.


There is really no way to avoid sun damage entirely, and outdoor furniture will eventually fade over the course of several years. However, by following these tips, you can keep your furniture looking new longer. If you’re not sure what furniture and features would look best in your yard, contact Bloomfield Road Landscape for expert advice on planning your outdoor living area.

4 Ways to Celebrate National Barbecue Month

BOLD Marketing - Monday, May 22, 2017

During May, the United States celebrates classic outdoor food with National Barbecue Month. The great thing about this month is there is no wrong way to celebrate. But just in case you’re having trouble finding a suitable celebration, here are some ideas:


Pig out.

National Barbecue Month is the perfect time to indulge in all your favorites: hamburgers, brats, kebabs, whatever. Visit your favorite barbecue places or load up your grill without worrying about calories. It’s a holiday, after all.


Try something new.

This is the perfect excuse to finally try out a new recipe. Whether you attempt a new grilling technique or throw together a signature sauce, don’t be afraid to take some risks this month. For some tasty new flavors, try Smokin Brothers seasonings, available at Bloomfield Road Landscape.


Buy a grill.

If your current grill has become a little out of date or doesn’t quite fit your cooking preferences, there’s no better way to observe National Barbecue Month than treating yourself to the perfect outdoor fixture. Stop by Bloomfield Road Landscape to check out our variety of gas and pellet grills, or really treat yourself by planning a full outdoor kitchen complete with a refrigerator, sink and cabinetry.


Host a barbecue

The ultimate way to celebrate a classic American food is with a classic American tradition – an outdoor cookout. Invite a few friends and throw some hot dogs on the grill. Or host the ultimate celebration in a well-landscaped backyard with a complete outdoor kitchen customized to your taste. Whatever you choose, National Barbecue Month is a great time to connect with those you love.


If you’re ready to celebrate National Barbecue Month this May with a new grill or customized outdoor kitchen, contact us to see how we can help create the perfect grilling experience. Happy barbecuing!

Which Mulch Is Best?

BOLD Marketing - Monday, May 15, 2017


This time of year, sprucing up your landscaping with some new plants is the perfect excuse to get outside. As you start planting trees and bushes, be sure to consider one of the most important elements – mulch. Although the list of available mulch options is long, here are a few main types to get you started:



This mulch is especially fibrous when compared to other options. The fibers stick tightly together, so hardwood mulch effectively prevents soil erosion and weed germination. Because hardwood mulch can drain nitrogen from soil when it decomposes, use it as a top dressing around trees and along paths.



This mulch is aesthetically pleasing, and homeowners can choose colors that make their landscape stand out: black, brown and even red. Made from recycled material, usually brush and logs, the mulch breaks down quickly, which releases extra nutrients into the soil. Dyed mulch is best for mature plants and usually needs replaced every year or sooner if the color fades.



This type of mulch is characterized by its pleasant odor, which humans love and bugs hate. As a result, cedar mulch is great for repelling insects as well as resisting artillery fungus. Unlike dyed mulch, cedar does not break down quickly, which means it doesn’t need replaced very often.


Although these tips may be a good starting point, the best way to judge which mulch is best for your yard is to speak with an expert. Stop by Bloomfield Road Landscape at 2340 E. Outer Road, Scott City, Missouri.

Why Pavers Are a Great Landscaping Choice

BOLD Marketing - Monday, May 08, 2017

If you visited downtown Cape Girardeau in the last few months, you may have noticed the sidewalks transformed from construction zones to beautiful pathways with updated lighting. Bloomfield Road Landscape was privileged to help improve the community by installing pavers along the sidewalks. There are several reasons why pavers are among our favorite options for both residential and commercial properties.


Pavers rank among the top options for driveways, patios and walkways because they offer several advantages. The benefits of pavers for residential properties include:

-       Easy to clean – Most pavers need only sweeping and an occasional wash with water to remove stains and keep them sparkling.

-       Weather resistant – Pavers are made from hearty materials that resist damage from snow and rain.  

-       Stylish – Pavers come in countless colors, sizes and textures that can be combined to perfectly reflect your personal style.


Pavers are great fits for commercial areas due to their classic appearance and ability to hold up well. Other reasons pavers are great choices for commercial areas include:

-       Durability ­– Pavers can withstand heavy foot and automobile traffic without showing wear and tear.

-       Easy to replace – If pavers get damaged, replacing them is easy compared to other materials.

-       Safe – Pavers are more skid resistant than ordinary concrete sidewalks, helping reduce incidence of falls. By incorporating pavers, your property could be as beautiful as Cape Girardeau's downtown streets and stay that way for years to come. If you're ready to see how your patio, sidewalk or driveway could be transformed, contact Bloomfield Road Landscape.

4 Property Additions Homebuyers Want

BOLD Marketing - Wednesday, April 26, 2017

In the real estate market, trends constantly change, and what buyers look for one year may be completely different the next. Although buyers vary in what they want in a house, the majority of people looking to purchase a home have some similarities, such as desiring these four popular features:


Outdoor Living Area

Homebuyers want space to gather with friends, and outside living areas fit the bill perfectly. In fact, 63 percent of American Institute of Architects members identify outdoor living areas as the most popular special function room in a home. These spaces can incorporate everything from TVs to fire pits, along with countless options for furniture and décor. One important consideration is to make the area usable all year long. Consider installing ceiling fans for the summer and heaters for winter.


Alfresco Kitchen

Americans love eating outdoors. More than 75 percent of all U.S. households include an outdoor grill or smoker, according to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association. If you’re hosting a party, the most important element is food, but no one wants to spend the evening inside preparing dishes while guests enjoy the great outdoors. An alfresco kitchen solves this problem by allowing you to grill and bake while spending time with your guests. Features like refrigerators, ice makers and sinks keep you from running back and forth to your indoor kitchen.



Going along with the desire to spend more time outdoors, the National Association of Home Builders reports that 58 percent of women and 51 percent of men desire a deck in their home. This feature offers a perfect spot to relax and soak up sunlight in a comfortable deck chair or swing.



Water features are popular among homebuyers, with swimming pools ranking seventh in the National Association of Home Builders’ list of top features buyers want. This fun-in-the sun feature serves as a focal point for landscaping, a gathering place for parties or the perfect spot for a late-night dip.


Ready to increase the value of your home and incorporate these four amenities homebuyers want? Contact us today! 

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