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We’re Moving!

BOLD Marketing - Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Construction is really coming along, and before too long, we will be settling in at our new location at 2340 E. Outer Road in Scott City, Missouri. We look forward to moving and all of the exciting opportunities the new location will offer our customers, such as


More storage

An expanding customer base means we need more equipment, more supplies and basically more room. Our current location is quickly running out of storage, and our new location will provide enough room for us to store everything we need. As a result, we will be able to offer ultra-efficient service for all your landscaping needs.



Our new location is right off I-55 in Scott City – you can see it from the interstate. We will be easier to visit, particularly with the construction on Bloomfield Road. Even though we will no longer be located on Bloomfield Road, we’re keeping the same name and offering the same amazing landscaping service.


More innovation

The best thing about our new location is that we have plenty of room to take on more landscaping projects. And once the move is complete, we will have more time to experiment and innovate to find more efficient methods and effective products to make our landscaping projects even more amazing.


We invite you to help us celebrate the next phase of Bloomfield Road Landscape by visiting our future home this spring at 2340 E. Outer Road, Scott City, Missouri. Thank you for being part of our business’s success.



Drone Use in Landscaping

BOLD Marketing - Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The lists of popular holiday gifts for the last couple years have included high-tech equipment – drones. Many people see these unmanned aerial vehicles as just remote control toys, but drones offer much more sophisticated features than model cars and planes.


In fact, in our line of work, drones make landscaping faster, easier and safer.


We fly drones over an area to capture video of the property’s layout. This is especially helpful for large projects when walking the entire grounds could take several hours. If an area looks especially unsafe, we can fly a drone over it to take a closer look without risking personal safety and review the footage to see any places that might cause problems, such as faulty irrigation. Using overhead video of the entire area, we can then create models of how the space will appear, rewinding and pausing to take a second look and plan.


Overall, the biggest benefit of drones in landscaping is the reduced planning costs. Of course, the overhead footage of your new landscaping and outdoor living space is pretty cool, too.


Take advantage of landscaping innovation by contacting Bloomfield Road Landscape to get started on your project.



3 Serious Economic Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

BOLD Marketing - Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Most people know an outdoor kitchen would be a great addition to their home. Who wouldn’t want to spend a breezy summer day enjoying barbecue with friends while relaxing by a pool? Outdoor kitchens are cost-effective additions to any home. Here’s why:


Extra living space

If your home becomes unbearably crowded and noisy when you host an event or the whole family visits, it may be time to consider adding some extra space. Outdoor kitchens allow parties to move outside, letting guests move around and make noise. Since you are not adding a new room with a roof and walls, construction costs will be lower.


Fewer meals at restaurants

With a fabulous outdoor kitchen in your backyard, restaurants won’t have quite the charm they once did. You’ll have a great place to entertain dinner guests without having to pick up the check after dessert.


Higher home value

Outdoor living spaces complete with a kitchen are in high demand among homebuyers, particularly millennials. Should you ever decide to sell your home, your investment in an outdoor kitchen will not be lost. In fact, the increase in home value may be greater than what you spent.


If you are interested in an outdoor kitchen, contact us to see how we can customize it to your needs.


4 Outdoor Living Space Ideas for Winter

BOLD Marketing - Wednesday, February 01, 2017

If snow, wind and cold temperatures keep you indoors, you may find yourself craving fresh air and sunlight. While we can’t provide sunlight, there are ways to enjoy fresh air in your outdoor living space throughout winter. The key is to think cozy. Here are some tips:



Since the caveman era, humans have depended on fire for heat. If the cold weather is keeping you indoors, overcome it with an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, chimenea or a more modern patio heater. Stay toasty while entertaining guests or stargazing in your outdoor living area.


Outdoor furniture

With the possibility of snow and ice, the type of furniture in your outdoor space is an important decision. Look for comfortable yet durable materials that can withstand cold temperatures and precipitation. Synthetic wicker and aluminum are good choices. Or if you prefer wood furniture, teak is best for winter months.  



Keep your outdoor living space decorative and warm by including blankets and pillows to wrap up in as you watch the stars overhead. You may also want to add candles to your outdoor living space to help create a cozy ambiance and provide some extra warmth.



Don’t skip floral decorations because it’s winter. Plants like evergreens, potted blue spruce and boxwood hedge can withstand freezing temperatures and add some green to the gray, dreary days.


This year, don’t spend winter sitting inside. Grab a mug of hot cocoa and some of your favorite people, then relax in your outdoor living space. Contact us to get started designing. 



From Porches to Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

BOLD Marketing - Wednesday, January 18, 2017

One of the most iconic television images occurred when Andy Griffith, joined by Opie and Aunt Bee, played his guitar on a Mayberry front porch. For decades, front porches served as gathering places where neighbors shared food, gossip and stories. Today, though slightly changed, that tradition continues.


The origin of front porches goes back to ancient Greece, when columned porticoes marked the entrances to temples. In the 1800s, Greek Revival mansions made that architecture popular again when Andrew Jackson Downing used a porch to distinguish American architecture from English architecture.


For several decades, front porches served as community hubs where neighbors gathered to talk and relax. However, the invention of air conditioning caused many to spend more time inside, and homeowners converted porches to sunrooms and family rooms.


In 2016, the spirit of the American front porch moved to the backyard. Instead of sitting in porch swings, friends gather in beautiful outdoor living areas for dinner and conversation.


Rather than just having a rocker, an end table and possibly a swing, outdoor living areas include everything from a kitchen to a pool or fire pit. You can customize your area with the features you will enjoy most. Visit with others in the total comfort of an outdoor living area that provides both beauty and a place for connection.


If you’re interested in updating or adding an outdoor living area to your home, contact us today. 


Reimagine Your Gazebo

BOLD Marketing - Wednesday, January 11, 2017

With winter in full swing, outdoor activities and landscaping are probably not on your radar. But now is the time to think about how you want your outdoor space to look once spring arrives.


One idea for improving your yard is revitalizing your gazebo to serve as both a focal point and a gathering place for guests. Below are some ideas for what your gazebo could become this year:


Entertaining Space

Your gazebo can serve many functions to entertain guests. Add speakers and a screen for an outdoor movie night or set up a temporary puppet stage for a child’s birthday party.


Dining Space

Whether it’s spaghetti with family or steaks with friends, make dinner more exciting by serving it outside surrounded by nature. Include a table, barbecue grill or bar in your gazebo for the perfect dining area.


Hot Tub

Turn your gazebo into a personal spa by installing a hot tub. With a screened or glassed-in gazebo, you can relax in warm water and bubbles, away from the elements, while wind howls and snow piles up outside.



Make your gazebo a special place for children or grandchildren. Include some toys, books and chairs, then let their imaginations take care of the rest.



A gazebo is the perfect place for plants. In the spring, include potted and hanging plants to add some color. In the winter, turn your gazebo into a greenhouse for seasonal plants or vegetables, which thrive with the right heaters.


Interested in adding a gazebo to your yard? Discover the endless options available to you by contacting us


Three Reasons to Add a Hammock to Your Outdoor Space

BOLD Marketing - Wednesday, January 04, 2017

As the days grow shorter and a winter chill hovers in the air, you will likely want to take advantage of every last sunray while you still can. Instead of coming in from work to collapse in front of the TV, surrounded by the sounds of chipper news commentators, you can relax to the sounds of wind breezing through branches.


Having the right equipment is key to such relaxation. Hammocks create a calm outdoor oasis from your busy day while adding just the right complement to your space.


A study at the University of Geneva confirms that hammocks are great for your health. Here are three of the main benefits:


1) Decreased stress


The back-and-forth rotation of a hammock quickly puts you in a relaxed frame of mind with thoughts far from your busy to-do list. You may even find yourself dozing off. Hammocks lead to better sleep, which lowers your long-term stress level.


2) Enhanced brain function


If you’re well-rested and stress-free, you think more clearly and become more productive. In fact, the solution to that big project you have been trying to complete all month may come to you while you’re in your hammock far from the distraction of TV.


3) Decreased back pain


After standing or sitting upright in a chair for eight hours, lying down is sure to be a welcome relief. Hammocks ease pain even better than beds. Several people reported less back pain after regularly using a hammock.


Complement your outdoor space with something eye-catching and healthy. Learn how we can design you a relaxing space by calling contacting us



Don't Stay Inside Just Because It's Dark

BOLD Marketing - Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Just because winter is finally here doesn’t mean you have to retreat to the living room for comfort. Midwest winter evenings are perfect for a few choice activities your outdoor living space can provide.


How often this past summer, during those hot, humid evenings, have you wanted to ruminate outdoors with your fire pit warming your skin? While fall is also a great opportunity to sit around the fire, the dark winter nights provide a certain ambiance fall cannot quite encapsulate. The threat of snow and the warmth of a thick fleece blanket draped over shoulders give a feeling of togetherness and contemplation only winter evenings can provide.


Installing a lighting system around your patio, deck, gazebo and paths will also extend the use of your outdoor space during winter evenings. Or turn the lights out and stargaze while lounging across your outdoor furniture.


If you have an outdoor kitchen, grill, cook or bake your favorite food and sit with your family within the intimate light of several candles. Tell your favorite story over dinner and embellish the best parts.


Of course, if it snows, build a snowman, make snow angels, or have a snowball fight.


Winter means new opportunities and a great excuse to be closer with those you love. Don’t stay cooped up inside because you think it’s too cold. Enjoy the season while you can.


Ready to craft your winter wonderland? Contact us to learn more.


Four Ideas for a Holiday Look

BOLD Marketing - Wednesday, December 21, 2016

During the wintertime, the outside of your home is not a priority compared with everything else on your to-do list. However, you may notice an increased number of people driving past your house looking at neighborhood Christmas lights.


Be neighborhood-ready with these styling tips:


1) Consider comfort


Placing pillows and draping blankets across your outdoor furniture gives your home an inviting look. As an added bonus, you can use the blankets to keep warm while listening to carolers or visiting with family.


2) Add red


Red is the predominant winter color because it’s eye-catching next to the gloomy gray of the sky. Consider adding red accents to your outdoor décor – red throw pillows, vases, seating. This creates an effective splash of color even after the ribbons and wreaths have been put away.


3) Think metallic


If you’re not a fan of traditional red and green, give your home a little glamor with gold and silver. This could include everything from wall hangings to a rocking chair.


4) Include flowers


You don’t have to settle for pine cones and holly just because it’s winter. Consider purchasing potted plants that bloom this season, such as carnations or pansies. These give your yard bright splashes of color during the grayest months.


Interested in a more complete overhaul? Contact us by calling 573-450-9505 to learn how we can revitalize your outdoor space.

4 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space More Livable

BOLD Marketing - Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Remember those cool and perfect days you wanted to spend outdoors but spent inside because the game was on or too many people were over?


By adding a few items, you may have not considered to your outdoor space, you can extend the use of your outdoor area and spend more time in what’s sure to be your home’s favorite place.


1. An outdoor TV

SunBriteTV produces a brand of TVs that are not only resistant to rainy weather, but they also withstand hot and cold temperatures – which is perfect for Missouri yards. Imagine lounging in your shaded pool when your favorite player hits a grand slam.


2. A ceiling fan

The summer doesn’t always cooperate with our weekend plans, but just because the weather newscast has record-breaking temperatures doesn’t mean you have to be hot. Installing a ceiling fan can cool your space down and add the perfect accent to complement your property’s other features. Think industrial, chic, rustic or classic.


3. Curtains

For form and function, outdoor curtains draw the eye out and up. Leaving them open lets the breeze through, but leaving them closed creates an intimate and cozy setting perfect for evenings under the stars.


4. A rug

Outdoor rugs are a great way to change up your space without going through a lot of effort. Rugs can be switched per season and occasion, and depending on the shape, can tie all of your other décor together.


Are you using any of these items in your outdoor space right now, or are you looking to upgrade? We can help get you started. Contact us to learn more.


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